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14. 03. 2013: Teams` Photos (22 MB)

05. 03. 2013: GPM 2013: Let me tell all staff many thanks for very good job. Without helping of over 170 organizers this tournament would not be possible. I appreciate active service all of you and I am proud of you to be there. Thanks! Mgr. Pavel Plavina, GPM director

04. 03. 2013: Press Release 2 / Tisková zpráva 2.

03. 03. 2013: GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2013 is over. See you in 2014, 28. 2. - 2. 3.!

03. 03. 2013: The Best team of Grand Prix Moravie is WOPR Polska, the second place DLRG Deutschland and on the third place is MS VZS ČČK Český Krumlov. CONGRATULATIONS!

03. 03. 2013: All the results of the disciplines from GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2013 was published.

03. 03. 2013: The discipline, which is very interesting, is Line Throw. It is the discipline, where the time is measured in which the member of the team managed to throw the lifesaving line to another member of the team, who acts as the person in emergency situation. The distance is approximately twelve metres from the rescuer. The pulling of a person to the edge of the pool is the discipline in which the czech team often has won the european ligeguard contest.

03. 03. 2013: Another new records! This time, there are from the disciplines: Manikin Relay and Medley Relay. You can look at the results of these disciplines.

03. 03. 2013: There are the results of Saving Manikin by boat - women and men.

03. 03. 2013: In the discipline - Saving manikin by boat, we can see excelent swimmers, how they travel to the lane their rival. That is not the best discipline for them. It require other ability than swimming. It is funny for viewers and the competitors themselves.

03. 03. 2013: On sunday, The competitors will participate in the other disciplines: Saving manikin by boat (100 metres), Manikin Relay (4 x 25 metres), Medley Relay (4 x 25 metres) and Line frow. Saving manikin by boat is the new one. The competitors must pass the given track in rowboats.

02. 03. 2013: Finally, there are the results of discipline SERC and Main competition of Individuals.

02. 03. 2013: Saturday night fever! We are looking forward to all of you at Gala party! We will announce Main Competition of Individuals and results of SERC! Enjoy Black and White party!

02. 03. 2013: Unbelievable! There are so much new records of GPM, in this year. Congratulations!

02. 03. 2013: Look at the results of the last discipline - Manikin Tow with Fins.

02. 03. 2013: There are the results of Super Lifesaver.

02. 03. 2013: The most demanding challenge is the Super Lifesaver 200 metres distance discipline. During that, the competitors must show their versatility and skills by using lifesaving device.

02. 03. 2013: The discipline, which is called the true, was successful for the competitors from Poland and Germany. We know the results from Rescue Medley.

02. 03. 2013: This year is really unique. After two disciplines, we have a lot of records. You can see here

02. 03. 2013: The results from the second discipline are complete - Manikin Carry.

02. 03. 2013: The first discipline, where the competitors must swim 100 metres with fins and a manikin, dominate teams from Poland and Germany.

02. 03. 2013: We already know the results of the first discipline - Manikin Carry with fins.

02. 03. 2013: It is a beautiful morning with sunshine, the organizators and the competitors are so excited. We start with entrance all of participants. In this year, there is the most number of teams in the history of GPM. There is sixteen teams from Poland, Germany, Belgium and from the Czech republic. On Saturday, there will be five individual disciplines. It's time to beaten the records.

01. 03. 2013: Tomorrow, we will continue with five individual disciplines. We will start on Ceremony opening at 8 o'clock. Looking forward at pool Lužánky!

01. 03. 2013: SERC is over. Every teams were really great. The organizators improved again that they can create this complecated discipline at high level. We will know the results after Gala party, tomorrow evening.

01. 03. 2013: Look at the exclusives photos from discipline / SERC.

01. 03. 2013: Between the competitors passe judges and juries take his place, all the time. They will make a difficult decision, who will be the best!

01. 03. 2013: Game over. Another team PDR Antwerp-Polder listened finnishing gong. The team NER Neratovice follows. It is very quick and stresfull time for every competitors.

01. 03. 2013: The discipline SERC have short break. DJ plays a energic music. Let's dance, Brno!

01. 03. 2013: All begin with Bedřich. The simulated situation starts, when the one visitor calls rescue service. Than competitors come. We can hear czech or english language, because there are foreign rescuers, too (from Germany, Belgium and Poland). And why is the figurant called Bedřich? Because today is his name day! So, we wish a lot of happiness!

01. 03. 2013: Finally! The first team, PLZ Plzeň-město II, saved father with two children. Any team did not improve that.

01. 03. 2013: And all can start again. Another team, which try to solve the emergency situation, is DKL Dvůr Králové. We can hear crying, some people are disoriented and some guy are injured. What will rescuers do?

01. 03. 2013: Every team have three minuts for applying their lifesaving skills. Teams use different procedure for saving. Some teams forget to save handicaped people and do not notice, that some member from water polo is under the goal. In the end of saving action, the pool is still not empty!

01. 03. 2013: This is it. SERC - the Simulated Emergency Response Competition was started and it is amazing, like every year. First team – Local Group of Water Rescue Service in Brno-city was in the pool. The competitors find in pool, where they have role like lifeguards. In the pool are people, who are coming to swim, aquabelles in training, members from water polo and also handicapped people. Everywhere is smoke from unknown material. The situation is bad.

28. 02. 2013: GPM - FINPORTAL SERC SURVEY (for general public, only in Czech) / FINPORTAL SERC ANKETA (pro širokou veřejnost, slosovatelný lístek).

27. 02. 2013: Dear coaches and dear athletes, let me proudly inform you that all GPM team is ready and all of us are looking forward to you. Hope you will enjoy our tournament and will have a nice time in Brno. Mgr. Pavel Plavina, GPM director

24. 02. 2013: GPM - Honorary Ticket on-line and Rules of Ticket Draw (only in Czech language) / Čestná vstupenka on-line a Pravidla slosování vstupenek.

23. 02. 2013: The logo of the tournament has been updated.

20. 02. 2013: GPM - Statistics of the teams participations (2007 - 2013).

17. 02. 2013: GPM 2013 - Who will come?

14. 02. 2013: GPM - SERC Winners 2007 - 2012.

13. 02. 2013: GPM - Records - times to be beaten!

12. 02. 2013: GPM - Individual Winners 2007 - 2012.

01. 02. 2013: Entry Form is closed.

30. 01. 2013: On Jan 31, 2013 it is the LAST DEADLINE for Entry Form! We have to close the form due to a large number of logged teams. Well, it is your last chance!

20. 01. 2013: Today is the 1st DEADLINE for Entry Form!

13. 01. 2013: Entry form is open.

09. 01. 2013: Press Release 1 / Tisková zpráva 1.

04. 01. 2013: We are absolutely delighted to announce that Secretary of the Security Council of the South Moravian Region and Head of Crisis Management and Defence Ing. Radek Šedivý accepts position of professional SERC discipline guarantee at international lifesaving tournament GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2013.

02. 01. 2013: We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Governor of South Moravian Region JUDr. Michal Hašek takes over protection of international lifesaving tournament GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2013.

31. 12. 2012: Enjoy GPM 2013 Welcome Video.

24. 12. 2012: Grand Prix Moravie got Christmas present - its own web page.