about gpm

The international lifesaving tournament Grand Prix Moravie is organized by GPM TEAM. It is held the first March weekend in Brno, the Czech Republic.

The competition will take place in three days. On Friday, it will start with the important discipline SERC – the Simulated Emergency Response Competition. It is a contest in which the participants are tested in their ability to judge and evaluate simulated emergency situations, in which the competitors apply lifesaving skills. In the evening  Manikin Carry (50 m) opens individuals.

On Saturday, competitors will compete in next four individual disciplines. The most demanding challenge will be the Super Lifesaver (200 m). During that, the competitors must show their versatility and skills by using lifesaving device. Other disciplines will be Manikin Carry with Fins (100 m), Rescue Medley (100 m) and Manikin Tow with Fins (100 m).

On Sunday, competitors will participate in other disciplines: Saving a Manikin by boat (100 m), Manikin Relay (4 x 25 m), Medley Relay (4 x 50 m) and Line Throw.

The organizers put a lot of afford in the preperation of the events. The main emphasises put to the royal discipline SERC, which changes from year to year with its main line of events and is perfectly organized into the smallest details. Two years ago, the contest was a success. The key events of the last year contest comprised a model situation in which three sailing boats were hit by the windblow created by powerfull fans. As a result the sailing boat kipped over and a model crise situation was created simulating an accident which can easily happen in a rought weather. As other model accidents the following situations were created in the last years to set up the goals for the rescue team competitions: a kipped motor boat, uncontrolled fall of a pilot of a paraglider into the water, emergency landing of an airbus plane on a river of Hudson, a group of people under which the frozen surface of the lake broke and a another one where a lorry skidded off the road and fell into a pond, or simulation of leaking unknown substances during standard service of lifeguards at 50m swimming pool,  or last year simulation of accident of luxury ocean liner in the Mediterranean sea, or Dragon boat accident in 2015.

These contests are highly appreciated by the trainers and instructors of the national branches of the rescue organizations of many countries. We should not forget that Brno team belongs to the most succesful teams in the Czech Republic. The organization of the hole event is considered to be highly efficient and professional.