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10. 03. 2015: Interview no. 17 And here is the last interview of GPM 2015. Shannon Potter (BULSCA) told us about the differences in SERC in Brno and in UK.

10. 03. 2015: Interview no. 16 Already missing GPM 2015? We still have some interviews left for you. Check this one, with the winner of SERC - the team of Blansko!

09. 03. 2015: Let us tell you, athletes, great job! You have made 15 NEW GPM RECORDS this year! Congratulations to new GPM record holders.

08. 03. 2015: We handed over the medals for three best teams and GPM 2015 is over. The overall winner is once again DLRG Deutschland, second place goes to WOPR Polska and third spot belongs to DLRG Jugend Bayern. Thank you all for coming to GPM 2015 and we sincerely hope to see you next year! Yours GPM TEAM.

08. 03. 2015: Today's last race CESTINA.COM Line Throw is over and we have another GPM record! This time we congratulate to Alicja Michalak and Julia Wrobel (WOPR Polska)

08. 03. 2015: In S-SERVIS BKE Medley Relay team 1 from Germany broke the record! What a succesful day!

08. 03. 2015: Interview no. 15 As promised, we prepared a version of the interview with Vladan Vlk about this year's SERC with English subtitles! Enjoy!

08. 03. 2015: Interview no. 14 We asked Klaudiusz Matura - GPM Individual Winner in junior men category - about his favourite disciplines and overall expericence from GPM 2015.

08. 03. 2015: Interview no. 13 Anna Nocon - GPM Individual Winner in junior women category - told us how she enjoyed GPM 2015.

08. 03. 2015: Interview no. 12 We asked the GPM Individual Winner in senior women category - Jasmin Dziuron - about her favourite disciplines and her experience from SERC.

08. 03. 2015: Interview no. 11 We prepared another interview for you! Marcel Hassemeier (GER) told us how he enjoyed GPM 2015 from the view of the audience.

08. 03. 2015: Interview no. 10 Check out our latest interview. Vladan Vlk told us some deatils about the preparation of this year's SERC. Version with English subtitles coming soon!

08. 03. 2015: And another discipline after lunch - FASTER CZ Manikin Relay - is behind us. Will be an other GPM record broken?

08. 03. 2015: Another GPM record broken, this time in CANIS SAFETY Saving a Manikin by Boat (100 m). Lenka Jindřichová (TEAM BRNO LIFESAVING) surpassed her own time from last year! Congratulations!

08. 03. 2015: We hope you enjoyed gala party. And we are ready for you in the pool, boats are prepared for another discipline CANIS SAFETY Saving a Manikin by Boat (100 m).

07. 03. 2015: Now it's the time to get ready for the gala party. See you in a bit at Avanti Hotel! GPM TEAM

07. 03. 2015: Interview no. 9 Check out our last interview of the day. Two record breakers from Germany, Danny Wieck and Anil Sezen talked about GPM 2015.

07. 03. 2015: Interview no. 8 We asked the head referee Birgit Götker what is her job description and if she likes organisation of GPM 2015.

07. 03. 2015: Interview no. 7 Another interview, this time with the deputy referee Marco Vaiani (ITA). How did he like the organization and why can his job be both good and bad sometimes? Check the interview now! Your GPM TEAM

07. 03. 2015: Another GPM record was broken today! This time in ELECTRON Super Lifesaver (200 m) and the record breaker is Robert Ortmann (DLRG Deutschland). Congratulations!

07. 03. 2015: Wow! That was a good cooperation in audience with Mexican wave and We will rock you song! Thank you all! We believe that it was a nice encouragement to the athletes in the pool!

07. 03. 2015: Lunch break is over and we moved to another individual discipline. Fifth heat of junior women category just jumped in the pool. Good luck in ELECTRON Super Lifesaver.

07. 03. 2015: And another discipline - T.G.A Rescue Medley - is behind us. And again there were GPM records broken, both in women and men senior categories. Congratulations to Danny Wieck and Kerstin Lange, both from DLRG Deutschland.

07. 03. 2015: Interview no. 5 We asked the head coach of Belgian team, Wim Nuyens, how did he enjoy ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC. He was a member of the first demo team.

07. 03. 2015: Interview no. 6 GPM record breaker Kerstin Lange told us what she thought about her performance.

07. 03. 2015: Last heat of MĚSTO BRNO Manikin Carry with Fins (100 m) and again another record of GPM 2015! Congratulations to Anil Sezen (DLRG Deutschland). Now the medals will be handed over to the best athletes in yesterday's discipline CZECH STYLE Manikin Carry (50 m). Congratulations to all.

07. 03. 2015: What a great day to make some records! Congratulations to Klaudiusz Matura (WOPR Polska). He broke the record in MĚSTO BRNO Manikin Carry with Fins (100 m). Well done. It seems like the competitors are on a roller coaster that only goes up! Will we see more records today?

07. 03. 2015: Congratulations to other two record breakers! This time in MĚSTO BRNO Manikin Carry with Fins (100 m). In junior women category the record was made by Anna Nocon (WOPR Polska) and in senior women category by Josefin Nilsson (SLS Sverige). Go girls! Congrats from GPM TEAM!

07. 03. 2015: And again, you can follow us on lifestream! The director of GPM Pavel Plavina just welcomed all competitors, coaches and referees at GPM 2015. The first discipline today will be MĚSTO BRNO Manikin Carry with Fins (100 m). First heat (junior women category) will start in a few.

07. 03. 2015: Welcome back at GPM 2015! We start the second day with the Tournament Ceremony.

06. 03. 2015: First day of GPM 2015 is over.Congratulations to all winners and record breakers! Have a good rest and see you at the pool tomorrow. GPM TEAM.

06. 03. 2015: Fourth interview! As promised, we asked Tomasz Koziol (the coach of WOPR Polska) how did he enjoy ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC.

06. 03. 2015: How did the coaches of Belgian and Polish teams enjoyed demo of ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC? Wait for these two interviews with Tomasz Koziol (POL) and Wim Nuyens (BEL).

06. 03. 2015: And here comes the first broken record of GPM 2015. Unofficial time of Kerstin Lange (Germany) in CZECH STYLE Manikin Carry (50 m) is 37.61! Congratulations!

06. 03. 2015: Third interview! Now we can present you another interviw. This time with the athlete from Sweden, Martin Magnusson (SLS Sverige). What did he think about the performance of his team?.

06. 03. 2015: Second interview! We are already done with another interview, this time we talked with the competitor of NLS Norge Gard Øvergaard, just few minutes after his race ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC.

06. 03. 2015: And another discipline has started - CZECH STYLE Manikin Carry (50 m). Will be the records of GPM broken? The competitors are motivated, it is so exciting!

06. 03. 2015: So ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC is over. Now we are preparing the pool for CZECH STYLE Manikin Carry (50m), the only individual discipline today. Your GPM team.

06. 03. 2015: Check this out!  First interview is done. We asked Susanne Ehling (head coach of DLRG Germany) what she thought about ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC and the performance of her team.

06. 03. 2015: 7 teams finished ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC! And we are preparing a serie of interviews for you. Interview with Susanne Ehling (headcoach of DLRG Deutschland) coming very soon!

06. 03. 2015: ČSOB POJIŠŤOVNA SERC has already started! This year's theme is inspired by a real event from Malaysia. There was an accident during a dragon boat festival. There are several non-swimmers amongst 18 high school students and only 2 lifejackets on board. How will the teams deal with this?

06. 03. 2015: GPM 2015 is about to start! All teams are locked in the preparation room and still have no idea what situation they will face in the pool. Whole GPM TEAM is looking forward to this year's competition. Are you?

23. 02. 2015: Will your team have an acompaniment (family members, friends or fans)? They can book accommodation in 4-star Hotel BOBYCENTRUM (200 m from pool) online - Book accomodation. GPM TEAM

22. 02. 2015: Entry form (step C) is open.

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27. 01. 2015: Who will come? - See you in Brno! GPM TEAM

27. 01. 2015: Entry form (step B) is open.

21. 01. 2015: Entry form (step A) is closed. Entry form (step B) will be open asap.

10. 01. 2015: Entry form (step A) is open.

07. 01. 2015: More about additional service - read here.

01. 01. 2015: New year - New Challenge - read important message from GPM SERC TEAM here.

26. 11. 2014: GPM 2015 - the propositions available (english and czech version)

16. 11. 2014: GPM 2014 - serc (video 3/3)

06. 11. 2014: GPM 2014 - teams (video 2/3)

27. 10. 2014: GPM 2014 - individuals (video 1/3)

18. 08. 2014: Invitation: GPM TEAM requests with the pleasure of your organisation at international Lifesaving Tournament GRAND PRIX MORAVIE on Mar 6th – Mar 8th, 2015, in Brno, the Czech Republic.