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04. 04. 2014: GPM records after 2014, GPM winners after 2014 and GPM SERC winners after 2014.

03. 03. 2014: Many thanks to all teams for their coming. All of us tried to do the best for you to enjoy it! Let me tell many, many thanks for all GPM TEAM for great job. There are no words that could express my thanks! Hope I will see all of you in 2015! Mgr. Pavel Plavina, GPM director

02. 03. 2014: General results of Grand Prix Moravie 2014: 1.) DLRG Deutschland, 2.) WOPR Polska, 3.) CKS Szczecin. Congratulations to winners. Thank all of you for the great time here in Brno. Hope to see you at Grand Prix Moravie 2015. GPM TEAM

02. 03. 2014: So wonderful! Photos of all tournament Grand Prix Moravie 2014.

02. 03. 2014: Last line was thrown, last heat ended, last discipline was finished. Just waiting for general results..

02. 03. 2014: We have already known the results of Manikin Relay and Medley relay. This time was beaten only one record. That happened in Manikin Relay in women category. We congratulate to Theresa Franz, Jessica Grote, Annalena Geyer and Jessica Luster!

02. 03. 2014: Now, the competitors are racing in event Manikin relay. The field connect swimming and rescue action, too. Record in this event hold contestants from Poland in women category and from Germany in men category. Good luck to everyone!

02. 03. 2014: There are the results of the event T.G.A. Saving a Manikin by boat. The winners from both category have created new records. Lenka Jindřichová from Czech beat Marta Szyczak from Poland who hold record created in last year. In men category was scored and beaten the record by Mateusz Blacha from Poland. Congratulations!

02. 03. 2014: Last day in Grand Prix Moravie 2014, we will start with untraditional discipline - T.G.A. Saving a Manikin by boat. That is the new one. The competitors must pass the given track in rowboats.

02. 03. 2014: Good morning after great evening! The gala party in rhytm of waltz was briliant. It was fun and we hope you enjoy it too! A lot of energy and luck. Enjoy third day in Granf Prix Moravie 2014!

01. 03. 2014: The results of the SERC and Main copmetition of individuals have just announced. We would like to congratulate to teams from Poland, Blansko and Soběslav. You are the best of SERC 2014! Awesome!

01. 03. 2014: Now, It is our pleasure to invite all of you to gala party. Last year, we prepared amazing performance with Michael Jackson at the Black and White party. You are looking forward to Blue Danube Party. What will be surprise in this year? Who will win the SERC and will be a total winner of the Grand Prix Moravie 2014? Enjoy the fantastic evening!

01. 03. 2014: And we have just finished the last contest in individual disciplines CZECH STYLE Manikin Tow with Fins. Ladies were excellent again! Jessica Luster from Germany and Anna Nocoń from Poland, congratulations for your performances!

01. 03. 2014: The special congratulate is going to Annalena Geyer. Talented young lady from Germany had created three records in individual disciplines in category - junior woman. Unbelievable! We are very happy for you!

01. 03. 2014: In this contest, They were dominated competitors from Germany national team. We are very delighted that we can congratulate to Jessica Grote, Marcel Hassemeir and Jessica Luster. Their races of ELECTRON Super Lifesaver are the best of all years of Grand Prix Moravie!

01. 03. 2014: The most demanding challenge is the ELECTRON Super Lifesaver 200 metre distance discipline. During that, the competitors must show their versatility and skills by using lifesaving device.

01. 03. 2014: In this discipline were succesful women. In junior category, the record was beaten by Annalena Geyer and in senior category, it was victory and record of Jessica Luster, both from Germany. Very nice, ladies!

01. 03. 2014: The race is beginning, and we have known another results, this time - VEMA Rescue Medley.

01. 03. 2014: This year is the sign of records of Grand Prix Moravie. Another had created by Krzysztof Rutkowski from Poland in XS POWER DRINK Manikin Carry with Fins, Agnieszka Tlaga from Poland and Justus Steinberg from Germany in XS POWER DRINK Manikin Carry, too.

01. 03. 2014: We have already known all results of the first discipline CLARUS PROFI Manikin Carry with Fins. And we celebrate the new records in category - junior women! Annalena Geyer from Germany national team has just created the record of GPM. Congratulation!

01. 03. 2014: Would you like to see what is happenin right now? Watch the life stream of morning discipline block of Grand Prix Moravie.

01. 03. 2014: Great parade! That was opening ceremony with all competitors of Grand Prix Moravie and GPM TEAM. In this year, we have a record number of team - 23 teams from 8 countries! For the first time, They were presented the team of Sweden, Switzerland and Slovakia. All day, the competitors will race in individual discipline. Let's get it started!

28. 02. 2014: Already we are looking forward to the first individual contest - CLARUS PROFI Manikin Carry with fins! Tomorrow, everything will begin with warm-up at 7 p.m., after that we have prepared opening ceremony and then show must go on!

28. 02. 2014: The contest SERC 2014 is over. Every team had his own tactic, fought bravely. There were amazing performances for audience and all team of Grand Prix Moravie. You can look at photos. It was fun for everyone!

28. 02. 2014: Last year, the winner of the SERC was the team from Klatovy. Which team will be the best today? The results will be known at Saturday evening.

28. 02. 2014: That is all. All informations which the competitors will get before they can start their performance. They don't know how many people are in the sea and the number of people on the boat. They jump into the unknown place and they must improve their ability of saving people. It is so amazing!

28. 02. 2014: This is ordinary, calm evening. You are water rescuer and you controle sea at your boat.. But something happened at 9 a.m. Strange mist is everywere, people are screaming.. The big luxury cruise boat Costa Concordia is sanking. Crew of the boat and all passengers must be evacuated. You must interfere from the helicopter.

28. 02. 2014: One of the most stressful situation of the history of Grand Prix Moravie. Yes, this year is very special and challenging for all competitors.

28. 02. 2014: Aren't you at the Grand Prix Moravie? Doesn't matter, you can watch the JIHOMORAVSKÝ KRAJ SERC online!

28. 02. 2014: This is it - Grand Prix Moravie 2014 was started. And the first discipline, SERC, has already begun. In this year, the crises situation is from the real accident of Costa concordia. Do you remember what was happened at 13. 1. in 2012 in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the eastern shore of Isola del Giglio?

10. 02. 2014: Tisková zpráva I. (only in Czech)

08. 02. 2014: Only 20 days to GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2014! All of us are looking forward to you! GPM TEAM

04. 02. 2014: Who will come? and Statistics of the teams participations. See you in Brno! GPM TEAM

23. 01. 2014: Let us inform all of you who will go by car to Brno from/via Prague (Praha) that D1 motorway Praha-Brno is under modernization and that is why you should count delay - learn more here. GPM TEAM

22. 01. 2014: GPM 2014 – CONTEST #03: We have revealed that you can look forward to record numbers of teams, countries and athletes. Today we ask: How many teams will come to Brno for Grand Prix Moravie 2014? Send your answer to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. by January 31, 2014, 22:00. And what are we playing for? We will draw one of correct answers and he/she will win... to tell the truth... it will be a surprise. :-) Three - two - one - start! GPM TEAM

21. 01. 2014: We are absolutely delighted to announce that Secretary of the Security Council of the South Moravian Region and Head of Crisis Management and Defence Ing. Radek Šedivý accepts position of professional SERC discipline guarantee at international lifesaving tournament GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2014.

21. 01. 2014: We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Governor of South Moravian Region JUDr. Michal Hašek takes over protection of international lifesaving tournament GRAND PRIX MORAVIE 2014.

19. 01. 2014: Entry Form on-line is closed. The second and the third terms for entry-form will not be open. You can look forward to record number of teams, countries and athletes as well.

17. 01. 2014: Entry Form on-line will be close on January 19, 2014, 20:00 (CET). Do not miss it! Now we know that the second and the third terms for entry-form will not be open.

09. 01. 2014: Entry Form on-line is open.

01. 01. 2014: Entry Form on-line will be open on January 9, 2014. What to prepare in advance? Learn more here.

22. 12. 2013: GPM 2014 – CONTEST #02: This is the oficial GPM 2014 POSTER. You can see 4 silhouettes from 1 to 4 in the picture. These silhouettes represent four GPM disciplines. Write which one. Send your answer to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. by December 30, 2013, 18:00. And what are we playing for? We will draw one of correct answers and he/she will win a-week-stay in Brno (accommodation and HB for two persons). Three - two - one - start! GPM TEAM

24. 11. 2013: GPM 2014 – CONTEST #01: Would you like our calendar? It is easy. Send an e-mail with correct order and names of all languages which are used in GPM 2014 Welcome Video. Do not forget to write your first name and surname. The first correct answer will obtain Wall Calendar, the second one Desk Calendar, and from the other correct answers one of you will be allotted and he/she obtains Desk Calendar. The Deadline is 1. 12. 2013, 18:00. Your answer (in English) must be sent via e-mail to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. . Good luck! GPM TEAM

20. 11. 2013: Enjoy GPM 2014 Welcome Video.

20. 11. 2013: GPM 2014 - Blue Danube Party.

20. 11. 2013: Only 100 days to GRAND PRIX MORAVIE, Brno, the Czech Republic.

20. 11. 2013: GPM 2014 - the Propositions.

01. 10. 2013: Only 150 days to GRAND PRIX MORAVIE (Feb 28th – Mar 2nd, 2014), Brno, the Czech Republic - this time in BLUE!

12. 08. 2013: Enjoy GPM Video 2013 or GPM Video 2012.

12. 08. 2013: Invitation: GPM TEAM requests with the pleasure of your organisation at international Lifesaving Tournament GRAND PRIX MORAVIE on Feb 28th – Mar 2nd, 2014, in Brno, the Czech Republic.